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We all have to be good global corporate citizens where we in a sustainable way use scarce resources under the motto “As little as possible – As much as necessary”. This is were our cleaning systems comes in. Since 1962 we have single-mindedly focused on continuously improving food safety and hygiene with reduced costs whilst minimizing environmental impact and improving the work environment. We take pride in our achievements so far and are grateful for having customers and suppliers that share our motto and conclude that “Safer Food leads to Better Business”.

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Lagafors Corner Stones – Relentless Reduction Since 1962

Lagafors contributes to the circular cycle

Did you know that we recycle and reuse used Lagafors equipment? We are currently replacing older chemical centers to recycle and reuse parts of them, while at the same time upgrading the customer with the latest technology in cleaning. All to extend the life cycle of...

Your obvious partner in Food Hygiene

We at Lagafors want to see ourselves as the obvious partner for you in the Food Industry when it comes to food hygiene, a partner that you can consult and use as a sounding board in all these matters. Given the prevailing circumstances with COVID-19, we believe that...

Safety and good hygiene in your production has never been more important than now!

Lagafors can offer a mobile device to complement your existing cleaning equipment. This can be used for spot inserts, used in places without fixed cleaning equipment or seen as a backup to existing system! You can choose to buy, lease or just rent for a limited time!...

A central cleaning system for Arla in Götene

The employees at Arla Foods AB in Götene had a desire to improve the working environment in their factory. Their shared dream came true with the help of a central cleaning system from Lagafors. Arla Foods AB in Götene decided to switch from a decentralized cleaning...

Protect your staff!

Hygiene requirements are higher than ever! Having well-functioning hygiene zones and routines for all of us working in the food industry is extremely important! Lagafors has a complete range of hygiene equipment such as disinfection equipment, hygiene lockers, washers...

Food Industries that have invested in Lagafors Cleaning Equipment: