Lagafors Product Catalogue 2022

ACO - ACCESSORIES ORIGINAL 46 ® Description Black Pre-Cleaning Nozzle Blue Rinse Nozzle, 300/580/870/1160 psi Blue Rinse lance 31,5“, 300/580/870/1160 psi White Foam lance Yellow Disinfection nozzle, VMS II Yellow Disinfection nozzle, VMS II DC HOSE RACK / CANISTER HOLDER / NOZZLES & LANCES Hose rack Stainless steel hose rack for hanging hoses by satellite stations or on a carriage. Robust and hygienic. Features - Benefits - Facts Stainless steel - Hygienic material - Saves time, cost of spare parts and increases hygiene Description Hose length Small, stainless steel hose rack 100 ft, 1/2” hose Small, stainless steel hose rack 85 ft, 3/4” hose Canister holder Stainless steel canister holder to hold chemical solution containers. Robust and hygienic. Available in various sizes and materials. Also available as lockable. Features - Benefits - Facts Stainless steel - Hygienic material - Robust construction - Reduced wear on the walls and floors at the satellite station Description Size Canister holder 1 x 25 liter (6,25 gl) Lagafors ® Nozzles & Lances Nozzles and lances for different pressures and applications. Each nozzle is equiped with a hose plug nipple for connection to the spray gun or ball valve. The Lagafors® Colour Coding System* is an integrated part of all nozzles and lances. *Lagafors ® Colour Coding System Lagafors® colour coding system makes the cleaning process simple and easy to understand. It consists of an operators guide that explains the correct cleaning process and usage thanks to matching colours for ball valve handles and nozzles. In the system blue stands for water, white for foam and yellow for disinfectant. Industrigatan 32 • SE-312 34 Laholm • Sweden Tel: +46 430 781 00 • •