Lagafors Product Catalogue 2022

® WBS - WEB BASED SOLUTIONS 23 ® Data management: The data is retrieved with a secure connection via eWon Talk2M services that enables secure and stable connection.The Talk2M platform has been tested by Admeritia GmbH, as a successful result of this, a STAR (Audit Report on Security Request) has been assigned to Talk2M.The Talk2M server is also ISO27001 certified. Internet security for the entire chain, see the following links: The information is subject to change without notice, and the manufacturer reserves the right to make design modifications without notice. Other requirements: - Conductive measurability is a requirement for all chemicals. Technical information Lagafors ® Log Trace System LTS Model LTS Media, amount 1-5 different (1 water + 1-4 chemicals) Other configuration on request Connections (internal thread) Chemical (outgoing) ISO-G 1” Internet connection Position In connection with Lagafors Central unit (max 10 m) Connection RJ45 Requirements for internet connection: – High quality 10/100Mbps ethernet cable with RJ45 connector. Minimum CAT 5 cable standard. – No more than 100m length of cable between connection points. – Continuous stable internet connection of 4-8Mbps up and downstream or higher. – Outgoing network ports that equipment uses for secure connections are: TCP/HTTPS: 443 UDP: 1194 The equipment identifies this automatically. – Regarding security for connection and firewall questions, please see eWon detailed security info at – It is up to the end customer to set appropriate secure credentials for the eWon unit and/or adjust the firewall/security settings at site of deployment. Industrigatan 32 • SE-312 34 Laholm • Sweden Tel: +46 430 781 00 • •