Lagafors Product Catalogue 2022

WBS - WEB BASED SOLUTIONS 22 ® Features Benefits Facts Logging of all parameters for all media Collection, optimization and comparative indexing Actual values compared to pre-set values, connected to alarm features and process parameters Traceability All collected data are saved for future reference For internal or external process monitoring Alarm feature Ability to Immediately correct settings for cleaning process, either on-site or via mobile phone Ability to start or postpone production, depending on action Measurability Objective assessment of qualitative objectives Benchmarking and Management by objectives Data collection/presentation Tool for process management Optimizes critical parameters and enables Management by objectives LOGTRACE SYSTEM - LTS Lagafors® new logging system, LogTrace System, is designed to give customers control over cleaning processes, ensure traceability, provide measurability for critical parameters including alarm functions and documentation. The product consists partly of hardware that is incorporated into Lagafors central units for water and chemical dosing, and partly by software in the form of secure login via the internet. The customer can see the status and history of one or more plants. Automatic alarm limits can be set to critical parameters, eg. chemical concentration and when these are undermined, an alarm is sent by SMS to the responsible person. This makes the system active and measures can be taken to ensure adequate hygienic results. The measurability of time has proven to be appreciated as process control tools. The system requires permanent internet connection, see technical specification. System features: • Logging • Traceability • Measurability • Documentation • Alarms for various parameters • Consumption reports • Cost reports Industrigatan 32 • SE-312 34 Laholm • Sweden Tel: +46 430 781 00 • •