We are now launching our updated and improved Floor Foam Unit FFU II C / DC. The dimensions are reduced, but it maintains the same good function and hygienic design. We have been able to reduce the price by up to 12%.

Lagafors floor foaming unit, Floor Foaming Unit (FFU II), is a hygienically designed station that connects to Lagafors central unit VCC, CCU or ordinary water supply pressure. When connecting the water supply (de-central unit), an injector is used for mixing from canister placed in connection to the unit. The unit is designed to apply foam to a floor section (eg in a passageway or gap) between different hygiene zones, thus reducing bacterial spread. The FFU II unit is consistently made of stainless steel. Time setting is done once and then the device is started on a pushbutton.

Advantages compared to previous model / competitors:
• About 25% smaller dimensions, maintained function.
• Improved material selection provides less maintenance.
• Up to 12% reduced cost compared to previous model.

Read more about the product on our website.

For more information or quotation request, please contact:

Martin Johansson +46 430 781 03 or martin.johansson@lagafors.se