The next step in our success story…

Lagafors launched its VMS satellite station series at Anuga FoodTec in 2006. These units became trendsetters for satellite cleaning stations in the food-processing industry. In June, 2014, Lagafors presented the second generation of its successful and innovative satellite station series, the VMS II. The VMS product range contains a number of variants that can meet every type of customer’s needs.

The VMS II series is made of stainless steel in a rational and hygienic design that meets the food-processing industry’s needs. Compared to the first generation, improvements include trimmed dimensions and lower weight, better serviceability and more resilient colour-coding.

The VMS II series come in a range of variants, with centralized or decentralized dosing of chemical solutions, and act as the single distribution point for water, and foam and disinfectant chemicals in production facilities.

The product range includes four basic variants, upon which the customer can base the model that best suits their production needs. One example of these is the VMS Combi, which combines centralized and decentralized chemical dosing techniques. Variants of these models can also be produced on request. The VMS II unit can be connected to a Lagafors pump unit to obtain pressurized water and (if using centralized chemical dosing) to a Lagafors VCC as well.
Our satellite station series provides all the benefits of both centralized and/or decentralized cleaning systems and they are easy to use, thanks to their integrated system of colour-coded ball valves and nozzles.