The second generation of Lagafors’ unique logging system, LogTrace System – LTS, gives food-processing companies full control of their entire production process. By monitoring the cleaning process and generating reports that, for example, show cleaning history, costs and warnings, LTS contributes to quality-assurance of both food production processes and hygiene.

One of the food-processing industry’s greatest product safety challenges is keeping on top of exactly what has been done during a cleaning process. This can concern critical parameters such as water consumption and temperature, as well as which chemical solutions and concentrations were applied.

Active monitoring and documentation
Lagafors’ innovative logging system, LogTrace System – LTS, was developed with the specific goal of providing food-processing companies with proof of what has actually been done during a cleaning process. LTS delivers traceability by monitoring a number of measurable critical parameters that can be exported to reports showing the entire cleaning history. For companies, this means 100% control of the entire production process, i.e. both the food processing itself and hygiene processes.

Full control 24/7, 365 days a year
The LTS system’s hardware can easily be installed in Lagafors’ different centralized units. In most cases, measurement and data compilation is carried out by existing sensors. Our customers can then, whenever and no matter where they are, log in securely to check the status and historical data for one or more systems.
They can set alert thresholds for a number of critical parameters. When the threshold value is passed, the person responsible receives a text message on their phone. This makes LTS an active system that enables immediate action to be taken, which contributes to optimal hygiene results. Being able to measure cleaning times is another process management tool that many of our customers appreciate.

Facts and advantages of the Lagafors LogTrace System – LTS:
• Logging
• Traceability
• Measurability
• Documentation
• Alerts for critical parameters
• Consumption reports
• Cost reports