Our next-generation mobile Low-Pressure unit, LWP-M II, is an easy-to-move and easy-to-use all-in-one solution for your cleening needs.

LWP-M II 2030 is a true ”all-in-one” solution. This cleaning system is comprised of a low-pressure pump that delivers 30 l/min (6.6 UK gal) at 20–25 bar (290–363 psi) pressure, a compressor, a chemical solution dosing injector and a cleaning hose. This unit can distribute up to two different chemical solutions (applied as foam or clear fluid), as well as pressurized water.

Unique ergonomics

All of the LWP-M II 2030’s components are assembled on a stable and use
r-friendly cart that follows Lagafors’ philosophy of hygienic design. The cart also features exceptional ergonomic characteristics such as low weight and a low centre of gravity. Movement of the cart is also facilitated by its wheels, which conform to the food-processing industry’s requirements.

Lagafors also offers a higher-pressure option, the LWPM 4025, which delivers 25 l/min (5.5 UK gal) at 40 bar pressure. This unit’s technical specifications are unchanged, but feature the new, mobile design. Both the LWPM II 2030 and the LWP-M 4025 are primarily intended for smaller industrial facilities, but are also a perfect solution for larger facilities with specific area-cleaning requirements.

Easy to use and efficient

Using the LWP-M II 2030 is as easy as moving the cart to the required location, connecting the electricity and water supplies and then cleaning. When finished, the unit can be moved to the next location in your facilities. When you are finished cleaning, you can easily roll the cart into a storage room to free up precious production space.

Ultimate flexibility

Our first customer delivery of the new LWP-M II 2030 unit took place in December, 2014. “The convenience of the mobile, all-in-one unit was a very important factor in our choice of this solution from Lagafors,” states the production manager at one of Sweden’s largest food-processing companies. “The LWP-M II 2030 delivers a guaranteed high level of hygiene together with high cleaning effectiveness and flexibility, which is exactly what we were looking for.”