Lagafors has developed two different internet-based support tools that enable us to quickly help our customers, no matter where they are in the world. TRA enables us to reach our systems and solve problems via a remote connection, while TRS allows us to help our customers solve smaller problems by themselves via a mobile phone or tablet. Both of these solutions help minimize downtime and maximize customer satisfaction.

Lagafors’ innovative cleaning products and systems are winning fans all around the world and our sales are increasingly managed via agents and distributors. But just because we ship a product halfway round the world doesn’t mean we no longer take responsibility as its manufacturer. That’s why we are keen to equip these machines with TRA so that we quickly can connect to them and solve any problems or downtimes that arise. Further support through visual guidance can be achieved with TRS.

Technical Remote Access – TRA
Lagafors’ TRA (Technical Remote Access) allows our support technicians to remotely connect to a system via the internet in order to provide customers and distributors all over the world with support. A remote connection allows us to execute basically all the actions we carry out when we test run the units in our testing facility, i.e. download sensor data, follow flows, troubleshoot, etc. We can do this no matter where in the world the unit is installed.
If an issue occurs, the customer connects the unit to the internet and calls Lagafors for support. When we have resolved the issue, the customer disconnects the unit by unplugging the network cable. The connection is only temporary and is entirely on the customer’s terms.
The TRA hardware is requested specifically when the unit is ordered and is built into Lagafors’ centralized units (VCC II or CCU II).

Advantages of Lagafors TRA:
• Fast customer support
• Direct troubleshooting
• Optimization of set points and alert features
• Reduces the need for emergency travel, which is good for both the total cost of ownership and the environment.

Technical Remote Support – TRS
Lagafors’ TRS (Technical Remote Support) allows our support technicians to stay in close communication with customers on a global market. If a customer or a distributor encounters a problem, they can contact Lagafors. We then issue a license to log in via their mobile phone, tablet or other similar device.
Once the customer has logged in, our support technicians can see the same thing as the customer via the phone’s/tablet’s camera. In addition, our support technician can talk with the customer and provide instructions in real time. By simultaneously being able to see the technician’s hands (on their phone/tablet) as he/she demonstrates the action, the customer can be guided through the process of troubleshooting, finding and resolving the problem quickly and at minimal cost.

Advantages of Lagafors TRS:
• Efficient customer support
• Quick troubleshooting
• Makes it easier to find the cause of and resolve smaller problems
• Reduces the need for emergency travel, which is good for both the total cost of ownership and the environment
• Interactive training tool for distributor’s/customer’s service technicians.