Cleaning traceability contributes to safer food and increased prifitability…
Lagafors’ LogTrace System (LTS) is a unique logging system that allows you to monitor your cleaning processes and run reports that for example show cleaning history, cost and triggered alerts. LTS provides food-processing companies with the information they need to rest assured that
their production is safe.

One of the food-processing industry’s greatest product-safety challenges is keeping track of what exactly has been done during a cleaning process, e.g. water consumption and temperature, which chemical solutions were used, as well as their concentrations.

Active monitoring and documentation
Lagafors’ innovative logging system, Log-Trace System (LTS), was developed to help food-processing companies by providing proof of what has actually been carries out during a cleaning process. LTS provides traceability by recording a number of measurable, critical parameters and presenting these in reports that show the entire cleaning history. This puts companies in 100% control of their entire production, both the food-processing and the cleaning process.

24 hours a day – 365 days a year
The LogTrace system is comprised of logging pipes with metres and sensors, as well as a data collection unit. An optional WiFi connection is available as well. Customers can also choose how they want to handle the information in their intranet. Customers can log in to view the status and history for one or more systems, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

You can set an automatic alert that sends a text message (internet-based version required) to the person responsible if the most critical parameter, the chemical concentration, falls below a threshold value. This makes the LTS an active system which enables direct action, thereby contributing to optimal hygiene results. The ability to measure cleaning time is a process management tool that is very much appreciated by our customers.

Facts about & benefits of the Lagafors LogTrace System:
• Logging
• Traceability
• Measurability
• Documentation
• Alert for critical parameter
• Consumption reports
• Cost reports

”At Lagafors, we are highly committed to developing different safety solutions for the food-processing industry, both in terms of fulfilling the need for cleaning verification and providing equipment that at a reasonable cost automates cleaning tasks as far as possible,” says Magnus Elmblad, Lagafors’ CEO.