Every third year, Anuga FoodTec in Cologne, Germany is the center of the global food-processing industry’s attention. This is the world’s leading trade fair for innovations in food-processing technology, with 1,500 exhibitors covering every aspect from processing technology and packaging to quality-assurance and hygiene. The focus is on developments and solutions that make a real difference.
The fair is open March 20–23 and is expected to attract 50,000 visitors from 150 countries. Lagafors is there, of course, for the sixth time in a row. Drop by and pay us a visit.

Three products that demonstrate the range of our concept
Exhibiting at Anuga FoodTec opens a world of possibilities for us. Our presence there helps us to spot new trends, meet our industry peers and support our international distributors. But naturally, the most important thing is being able to present our innovative range of cleaning products and systems that are gaining more and more attention and praise from customers all over the globe.
This year we will be showcasing our CCS central cleaning system and our ACE II automated cleaning equipment. We will also be celebrating the official launch of our digital services for hygiene monitoring and technical support at the fair. These services enable us to provide our customers with support no matter where they are in the world.
Our products’ different strengths underscore Lagafors’ ability to deliver solutions that are tailored to both small and large plants. They are also a good example of our continuous efforts to further develop and expand our hygiene concept.

First-class hygiene on a slightly larger scale
Lagafors’ CCS central cleaning system has become the industry benchmark for large-scale and heavy-duty food-processing industries with high quality and capacity requirements. This system is composed of five centralized components that together make it possible to deliver the right pressure, flow and chemical solution concentrations to up to 30 simultaneous users. The basic goal with this system is to reduce hot water and chemical consumption. This in turn reduces both environmental impact and costs—and improves the working environment.

Automation saves time, water and chemicals
ACS, our automated cleaning system, was developed to facilitate the cleaning of conveyor belts and similar conveyor systems. The ACS system is connected to a Lagafors system for pressurized water and chemical solution dosing. This not only saves time, it also delivers better hygiene as well as reduced chemical, water and disinfectant consumption.

Secure digital services for safety and support
At this fair we will be launching the second generation of LTS, which stands for LogTrace System. This unique system was developed to allow monitoring and documentation of every action during a cleaning process. The LTS gives food processors full control of their cleaning as well, which enables them to quality-assure their entire manufacturing process.
Lagafors has also developed two different internet-based support tools that enable us to quickly help our customers, no matter where they are in the world. TRA enables us to reach our systems and solve problems via a remote connection, while TRS allows us to help our customers solve smaller problems by themselves via a mobile phone or tablet. Both of these solutions help minimize downtime and maximize customer satisfaction.

Come by and pay us a visit in our booth

Anuga FoodTec is open March 20–23. It’s going to be hectic, fun, interesting, rewarding and full of exciting meetings. Our products are in place and we are all pepped. If you are in the neighbourhood of booth A061-B060 in hall 5.2, we hope you drop by and say hello. See you there!

Do you need tickets to the fair? Contact us and we will help you.