It was during the Anuga FoodTec fair in Cologne in March 2015 Lagafors got in contact with the Italian company Tekna Parma S.r.l which today is our distributor in Italy. They are based in Parma, centered in the part of Italy that has the highest concentration of food industry.

Tekna Parma consists of the Belletti brothers- Cristian, Filippo and Piermarco. Their father started the company Belletti Impianti which they still run and they design and build production facilities for the food industry. Tekna Parma is the company which equips the premises with technical equipment such as separators, filtration devices, hygiene systems etc ,,,

Cibus Tec generated over 200 contacts, and a large part of these were interested in the Lagafors segment!
Now the big work of following up all the contacts begins …

In addition to the contacts with Italian end customers we also got in contact with potential OEM customers, such as manufacturers of spiral freezers, cooking cabinet and fry tunnels …

“Italy is a big market and we see that awareness of hygiene is increasing and where we can certainly fill a need, says Martin Johansson at Lagafors, Key Account Manager for Italy. We also know that we in Tekna Parma has found a focused, dedicated and experienced distributor, so whereupon it feels right from Lagafors side to invest here, Martin concludes.


Pictured above from left: Filippo Belletti, Pier Marco Belletti and Cristian Belletti.