Lagafors have been supplying the Australian market through independent distributors for some time.
Late 2012 Lagafors started supply Sanikleen directly, as it had became apparent significant sales volumes were the result of aggressive marketing through Sanikleen’s existing customer base, as well as new business opportunities.
Below is a statement from Sanikleen’s General Manager, David Berriman.
“Sanikleen is a leading provider of Hygiene Services to the food industry in Australia. 
We are is about working with our customers, not only to provide the highest level of  service, but also offering innovative packages that complement our cleaning services which are competitive in the Market Place. 
Over the past 14 years Sanikleen has used other foaming equipment manufactures at different sites, however we found that the equipment was not robust and reliable enough for the environment that we worked in, and was not delivering the results that our customers were expecting.
Through a third Party we were introduced to Lagafors in 2010 and installed there equipment on one site as a trial, the trial was so successful that we started to roll this out at another 3 sites. 
I spent some time with Lagafors at IFFA in Germany, and sent our operations Manager Paul to Sweden so that we could understand the product better, as a result we have purchased this equipment for 5 moresites and we include Lagafors equipment in all our tenders. We could not be happier with the results, whilst the equipment is a little more expensive that others on the market, the repairs and maintenance cost are dramatically reduced.
I would recommend this equipment to any business looking for superior hygiene outcomes”.
Sanikleen have not only purchased Lagafors equipment, but have invested significantly in training their staff in maintenance, trouble shooting, (training occurring at Lagafors head office in Laholm Sweden) sales opportunities and developed training packages to allow maximum benefits to their staff, while delivering a superior cleaning outcomes to their customers.

“After a slow start, Australia has become a key market for Lagafors thanks to the efforts of businesses like Sanikleen” said Martin Johansson, Key Accounts Manager Australia.

Sanikleen’s daily use of Lagafors equipment across multiple sites in most states of Australia is testament to how satisfied Sanikleen is with the quality of the equipment.

“You get what you pay for, as the saying goes,” concludes Martin Johansson.