It’s in the bag! Lagafors has signed a collaboration agreement with Birko Corporation, a well-respected company in the US stands ready to represent us and our products in the American market.
“The potential in the US food-processing sector is enormous”, says Martin Johansson, Export Manager at Lagafors and the person responsible for landing the agreement.
“This collaboration with Birko opens vast future possibilities for us.”

The Americans can’t wait to get started
Birko Corporation based in Henderson, Colorado is essentially a chemical company, but they have owned an equipment division since 2011. Starting immediately, Lagafors’ products will be their primary line of equipment, which they will market all over the US under the brand name “Birko by Lagafors”.
“Birko is a sound and ambitious, family-owned company that is managed by a third generation of entrepreneurs”, says Martin. “They share our values and our views on the environment, worker safety and food hygiene. Furthermore, they have a well-established network of contacts across the entire North American continent and a sales force that is ready to go.”
A clear sign of Birko’s commitment is the fact that they are sending a team to the Anuga FoodTec trade fair, which will be held in Cologne on March 20–23, to get to know us better and see how we work.

A winning team
In his comment about the collaboration, Mark Swanson, CEO of Birko Corporation, says:
“The partnership between Birko and Lagafors combines two respected and trusted brands to deliver valuable automated food safety solutions to North American food and beverage companies.
We’re proud to be the sole and exclusive distributor of Lagafors in the U.S., Canada and Mexico because Lagafors upholds the same values and commitment to food safety as Birko. Together, we’ll help companies deliver safe products and protect their brands.”

Such a large market means a lot of cleaning to be done
Mark and Martin have good reason to be so positive. First of all, the North American food-processing industry is colossal, and it shows enormous potential in the area of cleaning and hygiene. Second of all, their business logic is different than Europeans’. As Martin says:
“When an American company sees that an investment pays off within 18 months, they don’t hesitate. The fact that our products belong in the premium segment will also work to our advantage, because everybody knows that quality always pays off in the long run.”
Even if he is very happy about this new collaboration, Martin Johansson is keeping his head cool and reminds us that:
“We know the heavy lifting starts now, and there are a lot of quotes going out and we are very optimistic. We firmly believe that this small step across the Atlantic will be followed by many exciting projects in the future.”

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