We’re off to meet our customers at the world’s biggest trade fair for the meat-processing industry—and we hope to see you there

The IFFA trade fair in Frankfurt takes place every three years. It is the meat-processing industry’s most important international meeting place—and an important platform for innovation and development. IFFA 2016 has started and from now until May 12, more than 60,000 visitors from approximately 150 countries are expected to explore the products and services that the more than 1,000 exhibitors have to offer. This will be the fourth time in a row that Lagafors exhibits at IFFA, and we really enjoy mingling with this crowd.

We’re showcasing three refined concepts
For us, having a stand at IFFA is not even a question. There are many reasons for this: we want to be there and study new trends, meet our industry peers from all around the world, and support our international distributors. But also because our products are very sought after and fit well into the trade fair’s high-quality profile.
This year we will be presenting three concepts: the CCS central cleaning system, the DCS decentralized cleaning system, and our flexible, mobile cleaning unit LWP-M II 2030. Three products with slightly different advantages that underscore our capability to see the bigger picture and deliver complete hygiene solutions that meet the requirements of both small and large-scale facilities. They are also typical of Lagafors’ drive to continually develop and further refine our product range. And these efforts produce results.

First-class hygiene on a slightly larger scale
Lagafors unveiled its first centralized cleaning system more than 35 years ago. That system set the bar for the larger-scale and heavier-duty food-processing industries. CCS is comprised of 5 central components that deliver the correct pressure, flow and chemical solution concentration to up to 20 simultaneous users, Naturally, we have upgraded the system a few times since it was first introduced, but the basic premise remains the same: optimizing hot-water and chemical solution consumption. This in turn reduces both environmental impact and costs—as well as improving the working environment.

Improved food hygiene via satellite
Our decentralized cleaning system, DCS, enables both small and large-scale food processors to combine optimal hygiene and flexibility in their cleaning procedures. The system meets high quality, capacity and performance standards. The central components deliver the correct pressure, flow and chemical solution concentration, where needed, to up to five satellite stations simultaneously. Each satellite station is comprised of a hose reel and a hose for water, chemical solution and disinfectant solution.

A mobile cleaning unit that delivers total flexibility
The LWP-M II 2030 is a true “all-in-one” solution. This unit is comprised of a low-pressure pump that delivers 30 l/min (6.6 US gal) at 20–25 bar (290–363 psi) pressure, a compressor, a chemical solution dosing injector and a hose. All of these components are mounted on a sturdy, easy-to-manage, ergonomically designed cart that is easy to move, connect at the desired location and stow away when cleaning is done. This cart is already a big hit with our customers.

Come and meet us at our stand
The IFFA fair promises to be crowded, noisy, fun, interesting, and rewarding, with long days and many exciting encounters. Our products are in place, our stand is ready and we are all pepped. If you are in the neighbourhood of stand E50 in hall 9.1, we hope you drop by for a visit.

See you there!