Anuga FoodTec is the world’s most important trade fair and the global food-processing industry’s most important event. It’s the only trade fair that covers all sectors of the food industry. Lagafors displayed a number of products in our booth, from both our centralized and decentralized cleaning system series. “Through the years we have noticed a growing interest in our centralized cleaning systems”, says Magnus Elmblad, Lagafors’ CEO.

Lagafors first launched its VMS satellite series at Anuga FoodTec 2006. This system went on to become a trendsetter for satellite cleaning stations in the food-processing industry. In June of 2014, Lagafors launched its second generation of this innovative and successful product range, the VMS II. This product series is available in a number of variants to fit every type of customer need.

Our new LWP-M II 2030 mobile cleaning unit gives you complete flexibility
Our LWP-M II 2030 unit is a true ”all-in-one” solution. This cleaning system is comprised of a low-pressure pump that delivers 30 l/min (6.6 UK gal) at 20–25 bar (290–363 psi) pressure, a compressor, a chemical solution dosing injector and a cleaning hose. This unit can distribute up to two different chemical solutions (applied as foam or clear fluid), as well as pressurized water.

Other products that sparked interest were Lagafors’ unique logging and tracking system, LTS (LogTrace System), which helps customers manage their cleaning processes by ensuring traceability and follow-up of critical parameters. ”By combining the VCC and the LTS, the client gets an active system which enables them to take immediate measures to ensure fully hygienic results”, says Lagafors’ Product Manager Martin Johansson.

Once again, our LWP 1020 CB (Low Water Pressure Pump 1020 Combi Booster) received a lot of attention. This compact, all-in-one cleaning unit was specially developed for small-scale production facilities. It is comprised of an LWP low-pressure pump that delivers 10 bar water pressure and a built-in injector for mixing chemical and disinfectant solutions from containers that are placed directly under the unit. All the operator needs to do is connect the hose and spray gun and start cleaning. “Many smaller slaughterhouses and representatives from the HORECA segment showed a keen interest in this unit, as it fits their needs perfectly”, Martin Johansson continues.

OEM – Growth opportunity
Specially developed products for OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturers) customers has become an important segment for Lagafors. This was evident by the fact that many of our customers had Lagafors equipment on display in their booths. “Expanding our product portfolio in this segment is one of our highest development priorities in the coming years”, says Magnus Elmblad, Lagafors’ CEO.

“All in all, I am very pleased with Anuga FoodTec 2015. We made a lot of interesting contacts from all over the world. This year, we had very many visitors from Asia and the Middle East. This creates an excellent opportunity for Lagafors to continue our international growth. Magnus concludes by stating that ”with our dependable global network of distributors, I am confident we will be able to follow up and meet the needs of both existing and potential customers all over the world.”