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We all have to be good global corporate citizens where we in a sustainable way use scarce resources under the motto “As little as possible – As much as necessary”. This is were our cleaning systems comes in. Since 1962 we have single-mindedly focused on continuously improving food safety and hygiene with reduced costs whilst minimizing environmental impact and improving the work environment. We take pride in our achievements so far and are grateful for having customers and suppliers that share our motto and conclude that “Safer Food leads to Better Business”.

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Lagafors Corner Stones – Relentless Reduction Since 1962

Other ways to do business…

In Corona times, hygiene is more important than ever and with current restrictions on travel between countries, and in countries, we must do everything we can to continue to meet our customers. We and our distributors not only continue to do business, but together we...

We are here for you!

As COVID-19 (Corona) continues to spread, Lagafors has taken measures not only to limit the risk to our company, its employees and their environment, but also to continue to be there for you. Our activities will continue as usual, but we will be more careful and...

Statement from SKG (Sanikleen Group) November 2019

Lagafors have been supplying the Australian market through independent distributors for some time. Late 2012 Lagafors started supply SKG directly, as it had become apparent significant sales volumes were the result of aggressive marketing through SKG’s existing...

Lagafors is represented at Cibus Tec in Italy

Just returned from Cibus Tec in Italy, Export Manager Martin Johansson notes that Lagafors just completed a very good fair. This year's fair was a success: The number of trade show visitors, exhibitors and represented countries was a record high - as was the interest...

Hygiene Passages – planning and drawings

High personal hygiene is a critical issue in the food industry. The demands are increasing in form legislation, customers and consumers. Having well-functioning hygiene zones is a must for all producers. Lagafors is expanding its product portfolio and can now supply...

Swedish Food Industries that have invested in Lagafors Cleaning Equipment: